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Ajna Light Therapy

What is the Ajna Light?

The Ajna Light was designed for an alternative approach to therapies and a thrilling gateway tool for guiding explorations of consciousness. Many of the reported experiences under the light range from relaxing meditation, to something of the extraordinary.

The light uses powerful dynamic neural stimulating brainwave technology to help induce altered states of consciousness which is known to be quick and effective, making the Ajna Light a breakthrough tool for meditation.

The development of the light is based off therapeutic applications within the biofeedback field on the clinical observations of the brain’s electrical activity or state change following a responsive frequency resonances of light & sound stimulus.

Why the Ajna Light?

The benefits of meditation are becoming more apparent within scientific studies. Research is showing meditation to improve brain functioning, physically, and psychologically. Along with overall wellbeing and general health. This includes many benefits ranging from developing better focus, memory recall, cognitive skills, problem solving and the ability to increase size of the brain’s grey matter. Emotional wellbeing, stress management, and slowing down the aging process the list goes on.

The light is a tool to help train your meditation practice into depths previously unexplored whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or even advanced. The light may offer you all the benefits of meditation and with enough sessions under the light your brain can use the reference experiences to develop the intent to reach and stay in these states on your own.

Benefits of the Ajna Light

Those who have experienced the Ajna light have described the following benefits:

– Clarity of mind and emotions

– Reduce state of anxiety and stress

– Intuition development

– Better sense of connection with a larger reality

– Creativity

– Quality sleep has increased

– Out of Body & Astral Projection experiences

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Before an Ajna Light Session:

  • Pick out music for your session the night before. (optional - Relaxing or meditative music without lyrics that aids in reaching a positive mind space is optimal. The light is a powerful brain entrainment tool. Please do not combine with brain entrainments such as binaural beats)
  • Get plenty of rest the night before
  • Download, print, read, sign and bring this form to the session with you (or you can arrive a few minutes early to sign the form)
  • Eat and hydrate well prior to your session
  • Take some time to ground and set an intention for your session (it's best not to have expectations)
  • Ask your light attendant any questions you may have
  • Relax and let go!

(Note: Ajna Light sessions are NOT recommended if you have epilespy. Also, the light loft studio is not handicap accessible.)

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